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You will receive a comprehensive checklist to help you prepare for motherhood. From your time in the hospital to when you are back home. This includes :

– What to pack in your hospital bag.
– A checklist for preparing your home for your baby.
– A health & hygiene kit for your baby.

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Nanny Moon

Your nanny is assigned to you through our intelligent matching system, named NannyMatch. This makes sure you and your nanny are compatible in terms of values, beliefs and communication abilities. She will stay with, cook for you, and teach you infant care.

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After Nanny Moon

There will be a follow-up on the concern and well-being of both yourself and your baby.

Nanny Moon will share more tips about the upcoming developmental stages of the baby, such as when to expect crawling, teething, and standing, etc.

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We aim to provide excellent customer service support

during the whole time of the engagement process.

Our Nanny selection process and criteria are strict and should fulfill most of the expectant mum’s needs.

Our prices for 28 days confinement nanny services are one of the most affordable and competitive rates out there.

We are working with big brands to boost the credibility of our own brands. We have been in business since 2020 and have received mostly 5 stars feedback from our clients
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What We Provide

You deserve the best customer service and confinement nanny experience as if you are experiencing a honeymoon during their confinement period!


Confident and satisfactory confinement nanny experience


More than 1000 dollars in gifts and experience tailored for expectant mums


Excellent customer support throughout the experience

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Our Benefits

 You will be added into our member club and will receive exclusive members discount and events when you refer to childcare and infant care centers that are partnered with us.

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Comprehensive care for

you and your newborn

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Day & Night Baby Care

Your nanny will provide attention and care for your newborn including feeding, changing of diapers, cleaning, updating baby’s daily log and night feeding.

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Confinement Food

Your nanny will prepare confinement meals for the mother and will do a basic cleaning of the kitchen after meals.

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Breastfeeding Guidance

Your nanny will assist the mother in breastfeeding by providing guidance and help in nursing for your newborn.

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Newborn Care Guidance

Your nanny will provide tips and knowledge on baby care for mother.

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Domestic Chores

Your nanny will help in sweeping and mopping the floor up to twice a week.

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Confinement Bath

Your nanny will prepare confinement bathing herbs for the mother to wash up.

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Get trusted help in

4 Easy Steps




Booking of nanny for the stipulated EDD



House visit to ensure and explain to family of the process



Arrival of the nannies after 3-5 days of birth



Once our confinement nanny leave and your child graduates from nannymoon we have partners in the industries for your relevant needs.
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Relax like you are on honeymoon while you engage your confinement services with nanny moon.

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Ask us anything!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A confinement nanny is a highly trained and experienced professional caregiver who specialises in providing comprehensive support and assistance to new mothers and their families during the crucial postpartum period. With their expertise in postnatal care and newborn handling, a confinement nanny plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and nurturing transition for both the mother and the baby.

    At Nanny Moon, we carefully select and train our confinement nannies to meet the highest standards of care and professionalism. Our confinement nannies possess a wealth of knowledge in postpartum recovery, newborn care, breastfeeding support, and the overall well-being of the mother and baby.

    It is generally recommended to book a confinement nanny as early as possible to secure your preferred dates and ensure you have ample time to make necessary arrangements. By booking early, you increase the likelihood of finding a suitable confinement nanny who meets your expectations in terms of qualifications, experience, language skills, and cultural compatibility!

    However, even if you haven’t booked in advance, it’s worth reaching out to us as we may still be able to accommodate your needs or provide alternative options.

    The duration of our confinement nanny is really all up to your own personal preference! You could have one just for a month if you feel comfortable enough after the duration.

    By providing care and assistance for about a month, our confinement nanny can help the mother navigate the physical and emotional changes after childbirth, establish breastfeeding routines, gain confidence in newborn care, and offer guidance on postpartum recovery practices. This duration also allows our confinement nanny to observe and monitor the well-being of both the mother and the baby over an extended period.

    We have a wide selection of nannies, including those with Confinement Nanny Training Programme certification or even those who have basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine! We will provide you with a detailed Nanny Profile after hearing your wants and needs accordingly!

    We understand that this may happen!

    A trial period of 2 weeks will be given for the customer to assess the suitability of the hired nanny. Under the circumstances that the nanny is deemed unsuitable during this trial period, our agency will make the necessary arrangements for a replacement nanny to take over for the remainder of the stipulated duration free of charge.

    Contact us!